Happy Yummy Chicken trailer released

Directed by Anna Loyd Bradshaw and starring Taryn Manning (Hustle & Flow, Orange is the New Black), Diane Guerrero (Jane the Virgin, Orange is the New Black), Suzzanne Douglas (How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Lifetime’s Whitney) and Emma Myles (Orange is the New Black), Happy Yummy Chicken is a mockumentary about two men makingContinue reading “Happy Yummy Chicken trailer released”

Project Pluto

Last month Anna was very happy to be collaborating remotely with a wonderful group of Oxfordshire (UK) based artists on Project Pluto. Anna’s brother, Matt Bradshaw, a musician, physicist and all round creative maverick, put together this nine minute long creative collaboration as a tribute to Pluto’s former ninth-planet status. Have a listen… ideally in the dark.Continue reading “Project Pluto”

‘May Flowers’ and ‘The Butterfly in the Bathtub’ at The Ruddy New Works Festival

Last month Anna was working with Ruddy Productions on their second annual New Works Festival where she was featured as both a writer and a director. Anna directed a piece called May Flowers by Darby Hannon and her own new work, The Butterfly in the Bathtub, was directed by Courtney Wetzel.