Anna has been writing poetry for many years but more recently has moved into script writing. In 2012, she wrote Philipa’s Table, a short piece that was selected by London based writing platform Insignificant Theatre, to appear in their November Rough Reads showcase. Philipa’s Table has now been developed into A Female Triptych, an early version of which previewed in Bath in 2013.

Writing Credits:

Seen on a Bench copyGrowing Up With Miss Elizabeth – written by Anna Loyd Bradshaw and premiered at Seen on a Bench at Fair Folks and a Goat in 2015.

Annie has found herself back on the bench that she used to look at from across the street as a little girl. Only now it’s empty. In this short one-person play, Annie explores the reality of growing up and discovering that some of the loved ones you thought would always be in your life cannot remain a part of it forever.

Butterfly tubThe Butterfly in the Bathtub – written by Anna Loyd Bradshaw and premiered at Ruddy New Works Festival at The Kraine Theatre in 2015.

Liz has found sanctuary, and in a small, shared, New York apartment that isn’t an easy thing. Ruby, however, thinks this may be more than just a luxurious shower hour and it falls on her to try to coax an unwilling Liz out from under the water and back into the real world. A story of fears, friendship and overpriced coconut conditioner.


Exif_JPEG_PICTUREA Female Triptych – written by Anna Loyd Bradshaw. Philipa’s Table premiered at Insignificant Theatre’s Rough Readings in London in 2011 then Green Glass Theatre showcased all three short plays at The Studio in Bath in 2012.

Philipa has spent her life at the kitchen table, Josie is on the wrong side of the door and Isabelle is trying to remember why she climbed the apple tree in the first place. This short collection of scenes is Green Glass Theatre’s premier production and tells the three very different stories of three very different women. A Female Triptych is Philipa’s Table, Isabelle Up the Apple Tree and Josie’s Door.

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